25 Perfectly Timed Photos Impossible to Capture Again

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It’s time for Perfectly Timed Photos

Perfectly timed photos. They are the photos captured at the right moment. I’m sure most of us had at one point in time spent several minutes trying to adjust our hands and heads to capture perfectly timed photos, like someone holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa or patting the head of the Sphinx. It is easy when you’re dealing with statues or other items that simply don’t move. You can try as many times as you like and you can come at any time and they will still be there.

But what about photos that you cannot capture twice? They are photos that cannot be repeated because the circumstances can never be the same again. What are the odds of a photo of a thunderbolt that feels like it’s coming from the hands of the Statue of Liberty being captured again or a woman with a dog’s body? The photos in this post, if they prove anything, they prove they were not definitely captured by amateurs. They know how to take photos fast and notice what no one else might be noticing.

Let’s see now some of the most perfectly timed photos:

#1 This is a great perfectly timed photo idea to add to your bucket list.

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Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#2 And every once in a while, Gulliver shows up.

2 gkWl8el
Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#3 Look at that. What are the chances?

3 Ssk5HgG
Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#4 This dog looks so vicious.

Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#5 In the middle of the road, she parted her hair.

5 3cMaMMi
Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#6 Someone has actually got hold of cloud 9

Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#7 Such a strong woman. She must be exercising.

7 R1GtsQE
Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#8 This bike will take you places. Well, far away places.

8 Y5bylwX
Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#9 Nice shot.

9 jg2kugL
Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#10 Mrs. Gulliver has come to town.

10 kZcdG0U
Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#11 A perfectly timed photo where a helicopter becomes as small as an ant.

11 oYELGV0
Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#12 Mountain Dew bottle is as big as a real mountain.

Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#13 Who is going to win?

13 HwBqh9j
Image Credit: Imgur/laughingmangivesride

#14 You should never put mirrors near where you stand.

Image Credit: Reddit

#15 A cat girl. Enough of batman. We should be seeing more of this.

Image Credit: Imgur/WullieBlake

#16 Centaurs are mythical creatures, but this one is real.

Image Credit: Imgur/cryogenian

#17 Some dogs can really surprise you with their hidden talents.

Image Credit: Imgur/CeuayTa

#18 And some fish just look so creepy.

perfectly timed photos 68
Image Credit: Buzzland

#19 Wow, what a photo?

Image Credit: Imgur/Leminem

#20 And this superhero who singlehandedly held a plane.

Image Credit: Imgur/DailyReminder

#21 And this little bird who decided to win the race.

Image Credit: Imgur/ausaur

#22 This woman who decided to blend with nature. Perfect choice of colors for the beach.

Image Credit: Imgur/ermagur

#23 This plane is disturbing the peace of the temple.

Image Credit: Imgur/ermagur

#24 This statue was brought to life.

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Image Credit: Reddit/u/GrahamSaysNO

#25 They look like they are having a lot of fun.

Put7FouL02FhgMoYoHv5qBpHUg0kE3e KWYe0FoSqGw
Image Credit: Reddit/u/Mocomedia

Those were great and unimaginable perfectly timed photos. We really hope you loved them as much as we did. For more great photos, this post about photoshopped photos is for you.

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