23 Adorable Baby Elephants That Will Melt Your Heart

baby elephants
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Baby Elephants

Every year, elephants are celebrated on August 12th. Elephants deserve to be celebrated every day of the year and not just on August 12th. They are lovely, amazing animals, and despite their gigantic size, they are among the cutest creatures alive. What could be cuter than elephants? Baby elephants, of course.

The gestation period of elephants lasts from 18 to 22 months. Elephants can give birth to twins, but that is very rare. Baby elephant are born blind, but they can stand right away and walk after just two hours. They weigh about 250 pounds, and they are about 3 feet tall. Surprisingly, most of baby elephants are born at night. Baby elephants are not tiny, so they drink about 3 gallons of milk every day.

Let’s see some of the cutest photos of baby elephants:


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Image Credit: warywildlife


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Image Credit: elephantoftheweek


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Image Credit: chijungleman


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Image Credit: stand4elephants


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Image Credit: elephantlove89


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Image Credit: thegirlfromthebush

Fun Facts about Elephants

  1. Elephants love to swim and they use their trunks as snorkels so they can dive a little deeper.
  2. Elephants are the largest living land mammal, but they are not the largest on earth. The blue whale is the largest mammal on earth. Compared to a blue whale, the elephant is quite small. It is even smaller than a blue whale’s tongue.
  3. Baby elephants are just babies and they suck their trunk just as human babies would suck their thumbs.


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Image Credit: Pinterest


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Image Credit: elephants_wild


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Image Credit: terrax


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Image Credit: zooconomy_us

Elephants are in Danger

Despite their beauty and popularity, elephants are in grave danger and if it weren’t for the help of conservationists and charities, there would be no more elephants. Poachers are killing elephants for the infamous illegal ivory trade.

However, poachers are not the only threat to elephants. Their habitat is being demolished to start infrastructure projects. Elephants for Africa is a charity with an aim to help conserve elephants’ ecosystems, so that these beautiful creatures can survive.


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Image Credit: avid.ele


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Image Credit: elephants_wild


baby elephants
Image Credit: agape_on_beasts


baby elephants
Image Credit: sheldricktrust


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Image Credit: iloveelephants262


baby elephants
Image Credit: elephant_daily_us


baby elephants
Image Credit: thegirlfromthebush

Elephants are Emotional and Sensitive

Elephants are sensitive creatures that feel deeply the loss of their loved ones for many years. They gather and mourn in groups, and they cry too. Elephants mourn for their human friends as well. When Lawrence Anthony, a conservationist who is often called the “Elephant Whisperer” died, a group of elephants walked many miles and gathered around his house to mourn his loss.


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Image Credit: michele_bavassano


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Image Credit: elephants.of.world


baby elephants
Image Cedit: Elephant Pride Sanctuary


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Image Credit: elephantoftheweek


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Image Credit: stand4elephants


baby elephants
Image Credit: lilliphant

The Elephants’ Most Terrifying Enemies are Miniscule

Despite their size, elephants’ enemies are quite miniscule. You won’t imagine what annoys and terrifies them. Bees and ants. It’s quite popular for African farmers to have beehives around their fields to keep elephants away.

Baby elephants are among the cutest ever and their photos are a great example of that. No one can get enough of elephants and their stories.

If you want to see the artistic side of elephants, you can check this story. You can also have a look at the tragic story of this pregnant elephant that died due to human cruelty and how artists paid tribute to her through their fantastic artwork. We hope that when people see how cute elephants are, they will have more mercy on them. Elephants deserve to live.

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