21-Month-Old Baby Swims Like a Fish [Video]

Recently we published a post on adorable merbabies (baby mermaids) and a 4-year-old mermaid, Carla. So now we’re not too sure what to make of Arabel, who seems to take to the water like a fish, or a mermaid, or a duck, because she seems to float so easily too. This is quite remarkable footage of a very young girl who clearly has no fear of the water whatsoever. We ask whether this girl has been swimming for months because she looks so incredibly comfortable and ‘at home’ in this watery environment. More to the point, her parents also seem equally confident in her ability and do not seem even remotely anxious as they watch on. This clearly is a young girl who may be destined for great things and maybe even become an Olympic swimmer.

We couldn’t help but notice that this young girl is able to hold her breath for quite some time. Unlike you or me when we swim, she doesn’t seem to need to take a breath every few strokes. Occasionally you see her head rise above the water, but usually it is below water level. This is actually very remarkable and clever behavior, as you will know if you have had swimming lessons. Don’t ask us why, but it is easier to swim when you have your head lower and in line with your back, than stuck up in the air trying to breathe and see where you are going. Clearly Arabel is a natural and instinctive swimmer who doesn’t need to be taught how to swim as it seems she has worked it all out for herself already. Well that is one less thing her parents need to worry about anyway.

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