20 Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Blow Your Mind

11 0tpv7vI Sauruman and this grey both with very nice manes
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Have you ever looked at the clouds above and seen a dog, a man staring at you, or maybe a mythical creature? What about this shadow? Is it a friendly ghost or a fearsome enemy? Have you ever looked at a horse and seen a celebrity? Kids are famous for their imagination. They run around the house and imagine an adventure. They see everything differently. As adults, reality hits us hard. We hardly ever have time to look up at the sky or use our imagination. Do you still see an elephant in the clouds? Do you see ghosts in the dark? Imagination is a wonderful thing. It makes our world so much more fun.

Some people have not lost the ability to imagine and draw connections between unlikely things. It’s an amazing skill and in the world of the internet, it is a source of good laughs, too. Who would have thought or imagined that these horse celebrity lookalikes are even possible? It is definitely someone who likes horses. Who wouldn’t like horses? They are fun to ride. They have free spirit, and they can be our great friends. In this post, you’ll find 20 unbelievable horse celebrity lookalikes that will just make your day whether you like horses or not. [h/t: The Horse Network]

#1 I’m not even sure who wears the stripes better Ben Stiller or this horse?

1 GoNygn6 Zoolander and this super handsome bay
Image Credit: Horse Network

#2 Bradley Cooper with his curly hair counterpart

2 4LX6t8D Bradley Cooper and this curly horse rocking some sweet hair
Image Credit: Horse Network

#3 Nicolas Cage can be anybody with a simple Face Off

4 HQJSIEO Nick Cage and this chestnut
Image Credit: Horse Network

#4 Now, I’m confused

5 58zmi86 Brad Pitt and hot damn they both look good
Image Credit: Horse Network

#5 Benedict Cumberbatch has pulled off a dragon (Smaug) and a tiger (Shere Khan). I’m sure he can pull off a horse.

6 A64oVzN Bumbleshoot Crumplypants and this handsome grey
Image Credit: Horse Network

People follow news on celebrities wondering what new hairstyles they have, what they wear during the Oscars, what new fashion trends they started, which movies they are going to star in and the list goes on. Everyone wants to mimic them. This time we don’t know if the horses mimic celebrities or it’s the other way round. These celebrity lookalikes are really uncanny. We always find people who look like celebrities. We know people who remind us of cartoon character but these lookalikes are so unbelievable. Well, it’s just something that celebrities need to add to their list of things to worry about.

#6 No one knows the story behind this hairstyle, but I wonder if it’s copied from this horse.

7 0kvNd6g Mike Score from Flock of Seagulls and this Norweigan Fjord
Image Credit: Horse Network

#7 This talented horse is going places

8 huPHKVh Kanye and this horse having none of your shit
Image Credit: Horse Network

#8 Someone gets this horse a guitar.

9 rsSNuq1 Slash and a freisan wearing a Slash hat
Image Credit: Horse Network

#9 This horse looks so funny and cute.

10 nd9Dvv9 Miley P
Image Credit: Horse Network

#10 One horse to rule them all

11 0tpv7vI Sauruman and this grey both with very nice manes
Image Credit: Horse Network

In the past, riding a horse has been associated with power. It will make you feel like you’re flying. To ride a horse is to be brave. Horses have been always our friends. We have movies about horses like The Horse Whisperer and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. And now we also have this unbelievable celebrity lookalikes.

#11 I wonder what this horse is thinking about

13 QHpUPiP Ann Coulter and this horse sharing similar temperments
Image Credit: Horse Network

#12 This horse might be as famous as Owen Wilson and we just don’t know it.

14 nrk6x4E Owen Wilson and this palomino
Image Credit: Horse Network

#13 Both are ready to rock and roll

15 d8SxV7p Channing Tatum and this horse are ready for action
Image Credit: Horse Network

#14 You don’t have to be Kristin Chenoweth to look cute

16 bk8uHYi Kristin Chenoweth and this mini
Image Credit: Horse Network

#15 If only this horse could sing

18 HqZ21DD Christina Aguilera
Image Credit: Horse Network

#16 Polka dots never go out of fashion

19 OSBI8xz Zoey Deschanel and a horse with pajamas 3
Image Credit: Horse Network

#17 Now, I’m scared

20 E8xq4Ar Arnold Schwarzenegger and this bay arent too pleased
Image Credit: Horse Network

#18 I wonder what they’re looking at.

21 NNKIUwl Justin Bieber and this bay
Image Credit: Horse Network

#19 Who said horses can’t dye their hair?

22 5Yl1mlw Rihanna and her pink counterpart
Image Credit: Horse Network

#20 The similarity is uncanny.

25 aixsGSS Sarah Jessica Parker and her celebrity counterpart
Image Credit: Horse Network

We really hope you had a good laugh looking at those fun Hollywood lookalikes. If you’re looking for more, don’t worry. We got you covered. Enough of horse doppelgangers, you can check these amazing dogs. For more funny similar content, check this article. We would love to hear from you in the comments section which photos you find the funniest.

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