20 Must-Dos To Get Over A Shitty Week


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We have all been through shitty, intolerable, and more than flesh and blood can stand weeks that we just need to wipe off our minds and start anew.

So here, we have rounded up some tips to help you pull through.

1- Eat chocolate.

Swinburne University researchers  have found that dark chocolate increases calmness and contentedness, especially knowing that it contains MAGNESIUM, an element that help relaxing your muscles and reducing anxiety.

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2- Exercise more.

It has actually been proven that exercising for only seven minutes can overcome depression and boost up your stored positive energy.

3- Meditate.

Meditation has always been touted as a habit for improving focus and attention span.

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4- Write it down.

Keeping a journal can help reminding you of everyday’s joy and little happy things.

As based on a study by Psychological Science journal, researchers have discovered that while keeping a journal “ordinary events came to be perceived as more extraordinary over time.”

5- Watch a tearjerker movie.

Sinking ships, broken hearts, daughters secretly dying, and many other heart-wrenching plots can make you realize how piffling your problems are compared to these.

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6- Wear gemstones.

It may sound surprising, but some cultures actually believe that gemstones and semi-precious stones can draw out negative energy.

7- Get yourself a new coffee mug.

Having your morning coffee, tea, or whatever liquid you drink in a new mug can make you more excited to get up in the morning.

8- Pamper yourself. YOU EARNED IT!

Buy yourself a new pair of shoes, a pack of chips you love, or just book yourself a spa day.

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9. Start a new book.

No matter how much stress you had at work, in your relationships, or any other countless issues, it all just slips away when you get absorbed in a great story. A tightly-woven plot can transport you to other realms and distract you from the present moment.

10- Be Altruistic.

Doing an act of kindness increases your spirituality, and it can be as simple as just making someone smile.

11- Enjoy a new experience.

Do something you have always wanted to do.

12- Break out of your routine.

It can be as easy as walking home down a different street.

13- Watch over-load cuteness.

Open YouTube and just look for videos of Golden Retriever puppies, or just some baby goats.

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14- Dress up!

Put on one hella fine dress and just hit the streets.

15- Be grateful.

You just need to list down three things made you smile this week.

16- Catch up with old friends.

Take a look at your phonebook and call an old friend who you haven’t met in a long time.

17- Bake.

Just head to the kitchen and bake your favourite thing and enjoy the smell of baking.

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18- Make small talk with a stranger.

Chatting up your barista or someone next to you in the subway can actually be good for your mood. Recently, behavioral scientists have found that striking up a conversation with a stranger has a positive effect upon us rather than just keeping quiet.

19- Engage yourself in some cultural events.

Find the nearest event taking place nearby and just go and learn something new.

20- Ditch the car.

As walking or cycling can help reduce your stress.

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Now, the floor is yours.

Let us know what else you can add to the list. Inspire us.

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