20 Minutes of Purrfect Heaven for Cat Lovers [Video]

Cat Lovers

If you are a cat lover you will quickly tune in to the antics of all the cats in this brilliant compilation video. If there is one thing which isn’t a surprise, it is all the surprising things these cats get up to. Clearly they are highly intelligent creatures, only some people have been in the right place, at the right time, or for the cats, the wrong time. This video explodes the myth that cats are pretty much one of the smartest yet most aloof creatures on the planet. One thing is clear though from the video; cats do like a good punch-up and are not afraid to get confrontational. However we have never seen one cat try to talk its way out of trouble with another cat. Whether it is interacting with what cats clearly see as a subspecies – human beings – or other four-legged creatures such as dogs, one thing becomes very clear. Cats may be fearless, but they can be just as clumsy and stupid as anyone else we know!

If you are not a cat lover we suggest you still have a good look at the video as it will open your eyes to a side to cats you may not until now be aware of. From falling into fish tanks, baths, basins and sinks, to innumerable disastrous launches off slippy surfaces, this is definitely a ‘cat fail’ video with some of the funniest clips you will ever see. And as for our favorite clip, well that’s a difficult one. Certainly the one which took us most by surprise was where two cats were toughing it out, and then one just stands up to make himself look bigger. Unbelievable! And the prize for the loudest ‘awww’ came from the clip showing the man stroking the kitten’s tum and then he splayed out his hands as the kitten did the same with its paws.

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