+20 Celebrity Siblings That You Have Never Seen Before

Celebrity Siblings That You Have Never Seen Before

Have you ever had the urge to know the family of your favorite celebrity? Have you ever wondered if your idol has a male/female version?

Here, we have some of the most unexpected siblings in Hollywood.

1- Penélope Cruz has an equally charming sister.

2- Brad Pitt has a brother.

3- Tom Cruise’s sister.

4- The wizard has a brother.

5- Ashton Kutcher’s brother.

6- Vanessa Hudgens is not the only hottie in the family.

7- The Los.

8- Chris Evans has a family.

9- The Olsens are not just twins.

10- Ariana Grande’s brother.

11- Lady Gaga has a little sister.

12- Hemsworths’ brother.

13-  The Efrons.

14-  The Lawrences.

15- The Johnson Sisters.

16- Taylor Lautner sweet sister.

17- Louis Tomlinson’s sister Is a beauty.

18- Mandi Gosling.

19- The Levine brother

20- Hayden Panettiere’s younger brother

21- Rihanna’s lucky brother.

22- Scarlett has a twin who both shared the screen in a film called Manny & Lo.

23- Sandra Vergara is the new Vergara.

24- Nicole isn’t the only Richie.

25- Taylor Swift’s younger brother.

26- Another Firth.

27- Jude Law’s big sis

28- The Leto Brothers.

29- The Styles Siblings.

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30- Victoria Beckham’s look alike.

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