1980s Hairstyles for Women

1980s Hairstyles for Women 09

If the 1970s hairstyles were influenced by the hippies, then 1980s hairstyles decided to kick this past decade collection and produced many hairstyles which were very funk and odd in some stylish way. You can say that the 1980s era is considered the perfect example of how fashion and hairstyles can get bigger!. As in that era, women had decided to have a bigger hair than the usual big size. They also had showed off much brighter hair colors and more unique hairstyles than any time ever. As usual, women in that time were influenced by the pop stars like Madonna and Cindy Lau per. Before talking about any 1980s hairstyles for women, I’ve to talk first about that big hairstyle!!. When I heard the word “Big hairstyles”, I just wondered how come??!!, what did that look like??!, then I searched and I knew the following. In the 1980s, women got the big hairstyles or big hair look just by perming their hair and teasing them to get that big look. That was an easy process to get that big-sized hair!!. So, women and girls wore such big hair sizes to any where and they felt very trendy and comfortable too. The much higher the hair at the back of the head was, the more confident and stylish the women became.

After we had seen how big was the hair? and how the women got it, we can skip to see the women’s trendy hairstyles in that era. One of the most-seen hairstyles back-then were the Side Ponytails. Those 80s hairstyles were created by a teenager singer. This hairstyle made by pulling the hair to one side into a ponytail. Bangs were often cut and feathered back to accompany the look. Another 1980s hairstyles for women were the Jersey Girl or the Big Bangs hairstyles. Those hairstyles were worn by the women with medium to long hair. Those hairstyles made by layering the women hair over the entire head, then setting with the rollers and teasing to get the heights in that hairstyles. There were also the Asymmetrical hairstyles. Those hairstyles were the new revolutionary hairstyles in the 1980s era. Those hairstyles look like the following, most cuts were left longer on one side of the head or formed into the angling bowl shapes. There were also the Mullet hairstyles. They were worn by famous rock stars. The mullet entailed short layers around the face and single-layered long hair in the back.

Lastly came the Tails hairstyles, which were very trendy in the 1980s era. Those hairstyles were achieved by leaving one small section at the centered nap of the neck long while cutting the rest of the hair short and that small section was often dyed with contrasted colors. You can still wear any one of those 1980s hairstyles nowadays. Wear them and never worry about the hair color, the skin color nor the age, they’d fit you. You’ll look stunning and very unique in any one of those hairstyles.

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