1970’s Hairstyles for Women

When you hear about the 1970’s era, you always remember the hippies. If you don’t do so and ask why do i’ve to remember the hippies??!!. Okay, I’ll tell you the 1970s was the period in which the world was well into the hippies’ era. So, you can say that most , if not all, of the women hairstyles back-then were very influenced by the hippies. Women’s hairstyles in the 1970s had been as natural as possible, so you can say that the any thing that were natural, were totally added to those hairstyles. Since the hairstyles were very hippie, cool and natural, so some hairstyles weren’t included like; the pin-up hairdos. The women also tended to far away from using the rolls and also the curlers. One of the most trendy hippie look was the long hairstyles. Women back-then tended to grow their hair as long as possible. Those long hairstyles had either the straight look or the natural look. Those long hairstyles had shiny and very simple look. The women weren’t satisfied with that total simple looks, so they add many catching accessories like the headbands.

One of the most funniest things that women straightened their hair using the iron not the straightener, no!!!!, they used the cloth iron really. They were very careful while doing such a thing, trying not to singe the hair. Next came, the braid hairstyles which were interlaced into fringes and were added subtly into sleek, long hairstyles. Beside, the long hairstyles, there were also short hairstyles. As, of course, there were women who didn’t love that long hairstyles. One of the most short hairstyles were the bob hairstyles. The Afro hairstyles were also one of those most popular hairstyles. They were and still are known to be identic with the African-American women and men too. The tightly coiled hair that African-American women had, was grown out to create those huge Afro hairdos that became such a rage in the seventies.

Another trendy 1970s  hairstyles for women were the disco wedge hairstyles, which were inspired from the discos where most of the women spent their times. There were also the shaggy hairstyles with all their styles. Lastly came, the mullet hairstyles which were so trendy back then. Those hairstyles were about leaving the hair long at the back, usually up to the shoulders, sometimes a little shorter, while cutting the sides, top, and front short. Another thing to say that the bangs also appeared in the 1970s with very catching-look. Many women, nowadays, like to wear those 1970s hairstyles and they wear those hairstyles to feel the glamorous and the freedom of that era. I’ve to admit that the 1970s hairstyles, being worn today also with some changes and additions to cope with the current year’s hairstyles and to get a more modern look. Making such hairstyles nowadays is very easy and much easier than the 1970s because of the new helpful tools. Finally, all I want to say is that the 1970s women hairstyles a great example of hairstyles that not only looked great but also are easy to manage and naturally beautiful. Just wear your 1970s hairstyle and feel hippie.

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