1970’s Hairstyles for Men

The 1970s was all about the hippies, those hippies were catching all the eyes. The fashion and trends in the 1970s were affected by the existence of the hippies. Since that the theory of the hippies were all about love, freedom, nature and peace, all the fashion and hairstyles appeared in the 1970s were also totally free, simple and very natural. That means that the men’s hairstyles were affected too by that theory. So, the 1970s men hairstyles tended to have the most dissimilar and unique hairstyles from those created before. Those different hairstyles men wore had a relaxed appearance and very expressive sense of freedom. One of the most trendy hairstyles  were the 1970s long hairstyles. That was very odd!, men used to cut their hair short or medium haircuts. Those long hairstyles were the loose straight hairstyles or even the curly hairstyles. Since that time, men started to wear hairstyles the same as women. Next came the shaggy hairstyles for men, which were very popular among the teens as well as the men in the 1970s. Those hairstyles were made to be the 1970s short hairstyles as well as the long hairstyles . With the time, layers were added to that type of hairstyles to give them the loose shaggy look. Those hairstyles had a very relaxed and free appearance look.

Another men hairstyles which were popular back-then were the Afro hairstyles. They were also called the “fro” hairstyles and they were specifically trendy among the African-American Community. Those hairstyles showed in an obvious way, the natural textures of the African-American hairstyles. To create a large circled or halo shaped Afro hairstyles, men used the “pouf” on their heads. To create a bushier Afro hairstyles, men teased their hair and then used either hairspray, cream or gel to fix the hair look. The last 1970s hairstyles for men to talk about are the Side-Combed hairstyles. Those hairstyles had some refinements, so they were different from those Side-combed hairstyles seen before. Those hairstyles were applied on the medium hairstyles with some layers. In such hairstyles, the sides of the hair were angled around the men’s ears, but were kept also some how long to cover the ears. By that way, those hairstyles caused the illusion of having long and smooth sideburns. Those hairstyles were very trendy.

At the end, I can say that the men in the 1970s had the total freedom to wear what they liked without any perspectives and also to make any hairstyle they wanted. Whether the hairstyle was Afro, shaggy, straight, curly or even side-combed hairstyles, men didn’t feel odd because all the men were affected by the hippie style and they mostly wore the same.. With such kind of hairstyles, men looked in a very modern, stylish and hippie-lovely way. Those 1970s hairstyles never got out of the trends, they are always in but with some modifications and changes just to add the spirit of the new year’s hairstyles collection. So, you can easily wear any 1970s hairstyles and still fit the theme of the current year.

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