1960s Hairstyles for Women

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The 1960s era is considered one of the most glamorous and productive eras concerning the hair industry. You can think of it, as the era which has made the next chapter in the book of the glamorous women’s hairstyles, Do you remember which era had made the previous chapter??? Yup, bravo, it’s the 1950s era. Whatever!!. Let’s leave that none sense talk and get to the work. The 1960s era had produced many glamorous and elegant hairstyles. The 1960s era made a transition in the women’s hair industry world, it had converted those big and volume hairstyles of the 1950s into simple, glamorous and controllable hairstyles. But, I’ve to say that the 1960s era hadn’t killed those 1950s women hairstyles, they had kept them too, you know just in case. The 1960s era had considered all the types of hair, all the lengths of hair and all the hair colors. The 1960s era had produced more flexible, stylish and glamorous hairstyles. Despite the 60s hairstyles for women’s flexibility, they had been very capable to be controlled. Okay, just ask yourself the following question, “If I had been in the 1960s and I had a long haircut, then what hairstyles I would have to wear?!. Okay, I’ll tell you, you would have either worn the straight hairstyles, the curly hairstyles or the fuzzy hairstyles. Beside those last hairstyles, in the 1960s era, you might also have to sweep your straight / curly hair to the back at the crown of the head. Also, you might have to wear the blunt cut hairstyle. Okay, what if you had a medium haircut, what would you have to wear?!. Again, I’ll tell!!. You could wear one of the most popular medium hairstyle in the 1960s which was called the Bouffant hairstyles.. The Bouffant hairstyles were and still are known as those big hairstyles and those hairstyles required that the hair had to be expanded out from the women’s head and that had be achieved using very large size of rollers. Another medium hairstyles which had appeared in the 60s era, are the chignons. Do you remember it??!.. Of course, you do!.. In the 1960s, the chignon had different placements and different looks. Once, it had placed on the top and the left side of the woman’s head.. Another placements for the Chignon in the 1960s were; either on the below, left sided placement or just on the right side of the head.. Okay, we have seen the 1960s hairstyles  women with the long and the medium haircuts.. So, what about the short haircuts?!!.. Okay, there had been short hairstyles back in the 1960s era. Some of the 1960s short hairstyles are; the short blunt cut hairstyles, the boyish short cut hairstyles but with more soft look and the long bang hairstyles. I think by reaching the 1960s short hairstyles, that’s the end of the 1960s hairstyles for women. You can still see those hairstyles till now, many women (celebrity or regular) are wearing them. So, those 1960s hairstyles for women still live till our day. Many changes and updates have been made to them just to make them cope with the new trends.. You can get those looks with much easier ways than the women back-then. Also, you can go anywhere with such a hairstyle and you’ll catch our the eyes with that classic and elegant hairstyle.

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