1960s Hairstyles for Men

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The 1960s era had been considered to be as the completing piece of what the 1950s had produced concerning the hair industry. In the 1950s era, men’s hairstyles had been hugely transformed. The 1960s era, had transformed the 1950s men’s conservative hairstyles into free and more stylish hairstyles. But, you’ve to know that the 1960s era hadn’t killed the 1950s men hairstyles, it also had kept them, the same it had done with women’s hairstyles.. The 1960s era had produced many hairstyles for the different men haircuts. It hadn’t bounded those hairstyles on certain hair color or skin color. The 1960s era had produced very stylish and elegant hairstyles for men more than the 1950s era. One of the most seen and worn 1960s mens hairstyles are; the crew cut hairstyles. Those hairstyles had been worn by many men with different ages; from the young boys to the business men. Those hairstyles were one of those 1950s hairstyles, that the 1960s era kept. The men in the 1960s also had worn the other forms of that crew cut hairstyles like; the buzz-cut hairstyles and the flattop hairstyles. Those hairstyles had been, still have, very trendy among those conservative men with any age.. Another trendy men’s hairstyles in the 1960s, were the Rockabilly hairstyles. Those hairstyles had been worn by many celebrity like; Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Those hairstyles had been very trendy among the men in the 1960s mostly because of those celebrities. Those hairstyles are known to be very stylish hairstyles. How had the men got that look??!, men had swept up and waved their hair to get that hairstyles. Those hairstyles had been worn by men with medium haircuts. Another very trendy 1960s men hairstyles were the Mop-top hairstyles. Those hairstyles had been introduced and popularized by the Beatles band and also the Herman’s Hermits rock groups.. The mop-top had the fringes which covered the men’s eye brows and hit the shirt collar in the back. Those hairstyles had a stunning and unique look and that’s what made them very popular.. Lastly came the Afro hairstyles, which had been worn by the African-American men. Those hairstyles had been popped on the stage of the hair industry for the first time in the 1960s era. Those hairstyles had been worn by the African-American men. Those hairstyles had contributed in increasing the confidence of those men and also had very fashionable and stylish look. I mean, they hadn’t been just an African-American hairstyle, they had been more than that, they had been used to express the freedom and the changes happened among the African-American community… Those hairstyles had been the most trendy, popular and stylish hairstyles among the men in the 1960s. Those 1960s men’s hairstyles had more free and stylish look than those 1950s hairstyles. Those 1960s hairstyles have been worn till now by many celebrities on the red carpet, in the parties or in any TV interview. Also, the regular man can have such a hairstyle very easily. Day by day, a lot of refinements have been added to them, in order to make them coping with each new year theme. He can go any where with a such a hairstyles and look as glamorous as the 1960s men.

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