1950’s Hairstyles for Women

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Did you wonder how the 1950s hairstyles for women looked like??or How did they create those looks??!.. Let’s discover that together. In 1950’s era, the women hairstyles had the feminine, romantic, stylish and natural looks. The hairdressing industry in 1950 was very successful and thus a lot of hairstyles were produced. Also, those 1950’s produced women hairstyles were totally unlike 1940’s women’s practical hairstyles. The 1950s hairstyles for women got more glamour. So, the women in 1950s era had a lot of wide options more than those women in 1940’s era. The most famous women hairstyles back then were: the ponytail hairstyles, the French plait hairstyles, the poodle hairstyles, the bouffant hairstyles, the Beehive hairstyles, the Pin-curls hairstyles and the Chignon hairstyles. Let’s make a sneak peak on each hairstyle. The ponytail hairstyles was very trendy among women in the 1950s era. The ponytails were worn by the women and still be worn by women till now.

In the 1950s, women wrapped a chiffon scarf around the ponytail for a casual and fun look. The French Plait and the Chignon hairstyles appeared again in the 1950s. The Chignon had appeared either on the smooth or on the messy look. Those two hairstyles are still popular till now. The poodle hairstyles got famous when the red-headed movie star Lucille Ball wore them. This style can be described as short and super curly style. The women back then got that look often by getting a perm. The bouffant hairstyle was an extraordinary and very glamorous hairstyle. In that hairstyle, the hair is piled high on the head and leaving some hair hangs down by the sides. Women back then got that look by making lots of backcombing and teasing. Also, the Pin curls hairstyles appeared in the 1950’s era. Those 1950s hairstyles for women were created by finger waving hair and attaching the waves in place using the pins.

Lastly, the Beehive hairstyles were totally the same as their names. The beehive hairstyle had this smooth, cone-like Up do look. It had ranged from several inches to a foot or more in their height. If you can’t imagine it, all you have to do is to see the Marge Simpson from the Simpson’s cartoon. In more wide look, you can see that the women in the 1950s were fond of the curly hairstyles and the short haircuts. That doesn’t mean that they were no woman with medium or long hair, no of course they were, but the majority of women had the short haircuts. After this sneak peak look, we can understand that the 1950s era made a huge move in the hairdressing industry and produced many women hairstyles which are still trendy till our day.

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