1950’s Hairstyles for Men

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The 1950’s era is considered the best era for the hairdressing industry. The 1950’s era produced a lot of hairstyles for both women and men. Those hairstyles are still worn till that day. What’s concerning us here is the 1950s mens hairstyles and we’re going to find out those hairstyles. Many men’s hairstyles in this era were eclectic. The hairstyles back then were influenced by many factors like the rock ‘n’ roll, the cold war, beatniks and the stars of that time like Elvis Presley, James Dean and Troy Donahue. Men’s hairstyles were divided into two far categories: the conservative , short hairstyles and the wild, strange hairstyles. The Flattop, crew cut and the military  hairstyles were also popular in the 1950s. Those hairstyles are short hairstyles. There was also the Side burns hairstyles. Those hairstyles were one of the new and trendy hairstyles among men back then. Men started to grow their side burns. The side burns hairstyles appeared mostly on those men with medium haircuts with a volume of hair on the top of the head. Those hairstyles were inspired by Elvis Presley an dJames Dean. The next hairstyles to talk about is the Ducktail hairstyles. The Ducktail hairstyles appeared one the 1950s men hairstyles stage by Elvis. The ducktail hairstyle is a slick back on the sides, swooped over the top and comes to form a duck tail at the back of the head with its jagged and flipped edges. There was also what was called the pompadour hairstyles. Those hairstyles were worn also by Elvis. This type of hairstyle needs an amount of the hair gel. It’s also created by combing the hair back over the head while pulling it up to create the look. The last mentioned 1950s hairstyles suit the long & the medium haircuts. The last 1950s men hairstyles to talk about is the conservative hairstyles. Those were a type of the short cuts hairstyles. Most men wore that type of hairstyles. You can say that the men’s hairstyles in the 1950s went into two ways. Those two ways gave us a lot of glamorous and stunning men hairstyles which are still worn till today.

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