1940’s Hairstyles for Women

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Before I say any word, I’d ask you to tie your safety belt… Yup, please tie it as I’m going to take you back in time in a journey to the 1940. I’m going to do that journey to discover how did the women dress their hairs?, what were the trendy hairstyles then? and a lot of questions to be answered. Let’s start.. The 1940s hairstyles for women were very elegant, glamorous, classic, romantic and terribly chic. No word can describe how beauty are those hairstyles. To get those great hairstyles, women had to stay coiffing their hairs into tight ringlets and waves for long hours and maybe for days too. Of course, I and all the other women thank God for the bless of the curler, straighter machines and blow dryers. Now, we have known the answer of my first question. Let’s continue to know the answer of my second questions. One of the most trendy women’s hairstyles back then were the Chignons. The Chignon is very popular till now. It’s known as a popular and classic hairstyle. The style of the Chignons back then, is as how it’s styled nowadays. Anyway, how is it styled? I will tell. It’s typically styled with a flat crown or base with a full and big volume midsection which is worked into tight bun. It works best for those women who have long or medium haircuts. You can add small braids or tight pin curls to create variety of styles. The second trendy 1940s women hairstyles were the Pin Curls and ringlet curls hairstyles. The Pin Curls hairstyle was much trendy than the ringlet curls, so I’ll concentrate on it. The Pin Curls hairstyle used to curl small portions of the women’s hair back then. This hairstyle also used to frame the shape of the women face and gave her more feminine look. I will escape how did they make these hairstyles, as you know, it would be long explanation process same as the time it took. Next came the Fringe Waves/Curls hairstyles. Those hairstyles were also popular too. To wear such hairstyle back then, the woman took very long time and made a lot of steps to reach the perfect look of this hairstyles. The last words also applied on the hairstyles mentioned before the Fringe waves hairstyles. By the way, the last mentioned hairstyles can suit any haircut; long, medium & short. Another 1940s women hairstyle, I discovered is the Roller Sets hairstyles. The Roller Sets hairstyle needed a lot of work to be done by women then to make. There were also other hairstyles like the Vingle hairstyles, the Victory Roll hairstyles and the turban hairstyle. For the Vingle hairstyle, it was consisting of 4 parts which formed the V shapes. The Victory Rolls hairstyle, was made by some dull and long way. But, can I tell it??!. Okay, it was done by the woman parting her hair into either a Centre part, side part or extreme side part!!. Then, she rolled her hair up over foam Hair Rats – which were made from rolled up shed hair. Finally, she positioned to her taste and secured with Bobby Pins. So easy, I know!!!. Lastly comes the turban hairstyle. This hairstyle equalized people of all means and social backgrounds. It was worn by women in factories or in parties!!.. Nowadays, we use the turbans too, but as accessories!!. The very great thing is those hairstyles looked in the same glamorous way on the blonde as well as the black women. I think, I finished my journey and let’s back to our present time. As we saw the women made a lot of effort to get a great look unlike us. Those last mentioned 1940s hairstyles can be done in few minutes and it won’t take that long time. You can easily use your curler machine or even the hot rollers to get the Pin Curly hairstyles, the Ringlet Curly hairstyles and also the Fringe waves hairstyles. Also, you can make your Chignon just by using your straightener and a hair spray to give it a fresh look. You can also wear the Vingle, Victory Rolls and the turban hairstyles. You can look in very chic, classic and glamorous way wearing any of those hairstyles. So, I believe we have to pray for our grandmas for leaving us this great hairstyles heritage.

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