1940’s Hairstyles for Men

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Hello!!. Welcome on trip and tie your safety belts for the second time. I’m going back to the 1940’s era again and this time to discover what were the men’s hairstyles?? What efforts did they do to look in that stunning classic way??!!.. We arrived, so let’ us start. It seems that the men’s hairstyles like every something else in the 1940s era were influenced by the World War II. At that time, many men had the very short or the shaved hairstyles because either they were serving the military or they were just mimicking the styles of the Cinema stars. What ever the reason for that hairstyles, those 1940s mens hairstyles tended to be very practical and low-maintained. The famous men’s hairstyles in 1940’s era were: the crew cut hairstyles, the flattop hairstyle, the slicked back hairstyles and the side part hairstyles. The Crew Cut hairstyle were very trendy and popular that time because of the World War II. In this hairstyle, the hair was cropped or shaved very shortly on the man’s head sides and left slightly longer on the top of the head.

The next trendy 1940s hairstyle for men was the Flattop hairstyle. This hairstyle was also too worn by the soldiers. This hairstyle is same as the Crew Cut hairstyles. The sides of the man’s head were tapered short, but the hair on the head’s crown was left longer and straight which gave the flat appearance. The men back then wore the variable Flattop hairstyles like the Boxy flattop hairstyles and the rounded flattop hairstyles. As, you see that the last mentioned hairstyles were mainly worn by the soldiers. For the men who weren’t in the military, they were free to choose the hairstyle to wear. They mostly mimicked the Cinema’s stars hairstyles and those hairstyles were either the Side Part hairstyles or the Slicked back hairstyles.

About the Side part hairstyle, the style was to cut the man’s hair shortly above the ears and part it on the side. Those hairstyles were worn by famous 1940s movie stars such as Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart. Lastly, the Slicked back hairstyle was also trendy in that era. To get this slicked back hairstyles, men used Vaseline, grease or lard. To get this look, men grew their bangs out and then brushed them back to make big wave on the top of their heads. This hairstyle was worn by some movie stars too like Clark Globe. The 1940s hairstyles for men were so simple and easy unlike the women’s hairstyles in the same era. But, there are still similarities between 1940s men and women hairstyles, both kept on the classic and glamorous looks. This time, our journey ended in less time. As you all see that those vintage hairstyles are still popular and trendy and still be worn by men these days.

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