1930s Hairstyles for Women

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Today, I had a daydream about the 1930s era, I imagined that I went back in time to that era. You may ask why did I go back there anyway??!!. I’ll tell you, I went there (imaginary!!) because I’ve always wondered about how the women’s hairstyles looked like back then. Also, I wanted to know how did the woman create their hairstyles without these new helpful hairdressing machines that exist nowadays… I’ll start to tell you about my day dream, what have I seen??? How did the women hairstyles have looked??..okay??,, let me start. The first thing that I noticed in my imaginary journey that era of the 1930s was totally different from the 1920s era. As in the 1920s era, women had started to get their rights and to be equaled with the men. Women had also tended to have the boyish look, same as man. That’s because they tried to prove their points of view!!.. That’s boyish look had appeared also in the women’s hairstyles. Unlike that era, the 1930s era had made the opposite. The 1930s had tried as possible to return the feminine and sexy look of the women. Also, it had tried to suppress the natural beauty of the woman. All of that had appeared very obviously in the whole 1930s fashion and beauty trends. Thus, the 1930s  hairstyles for women had been very different from those hairstyles worn by the women in 1920s. As usual, the stars had made a lot of contribution in introducing many of the women hairstyles in the 1930s. Many of the 1930s  hairstyles for women had been introduced by big stars like; Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo and June Allyson. Those hairstyles had the most feminine look that any woman can imagine ever. Those hairstyles had been turned from those boyish short hairstyles of the 1920s to be exotic and fabulous medium hairstyles & long hairstyles in the 1930s. One of the most seen hairstyles in the 1930s were the Finger waves hairstyles. In the 1930s, those finger waves hairstyles were very popular and trendy, you could see them being worn by women any where… They had that feminine and chic look. The 1930s had also introduced the pin curls hairstyles and the deep waves hairstyles. Both of those hairstyles had been extremely trendy in the 1930s. The women had made those looks using the pin curling technique. Those hairstyles had a big volume look. The last hairstyles, I had seen in my fancy daydream of the 1930s, were the turned up hairstyles and also the turned down hairstyles. Those 1930s hairstyles had the loose and the rolled form. Both hairstyles had a very soft, elegant and feminine look. Those hairstyles what I’d seen them in my daydream, may be there were more I hadn’t seen. Any way, as you could see that the 1930s hairstyles for women had been kept soft, chic, glamorous and the most important is that being feminine. You can say that the femininity had been the most important thing for the 1930s women. They had made all the possible things to add more and more feminine look to themselves. That’s why women had taken care of the accessories in the 1930s era. Thus, women had worn the hats, combs and all the types of the barrette with their hairstyles. Those types of accessories had added more feminine and glamorous look to the women back in the 1930s. That’s it, unfortunately, my daydream has finished. Just forget about that daydream!! and let’s get serious…Okay???okay.. You can find that despite that the 1920s and the 1930s are very opposite decades, both hairstyles have been worn till now either by the stars on the red carpet or by any regular women… Nowadays, you can get those hairstyles by much easier methods and less efforts than that made back in the 1930s. So, if you’ve decided to feel the glamor and elegance of the 1930s, you can wear any of those 1930s hairstyles and go anywhere with that chic look.

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