1930s Hairstyles for Men

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Have you ever wondered how the men had dressed their hair back in the 1930s??.. Or have you ever thought what haircuts men had in the 1930s???!!.. If it’s yes, you’ve wondered, then I’ve to help you to get all the answers you asked. Okay, just imagine that you’re in a very speedy time-car and we will use that car to go back in time to the 1930s.. Okay, are you ready??… Yup, let’s go… In the 1930s era, men had a short cut in the back, in the sides of the hair and longer on the top of the head. So, simply you can see that the short with longer top haircut was the trendy haircut among the men community back-then. The 1930s era had produced many hairstyles for that short haircut for the men. One of the most seen hairstyles back then are the Off-Center Part hairstyles. In those hairstyles, the short cropped haircut had been styled into an off-center part, all the way to the center of the crown and the hair had been combed to one side.. To get that look, men had used a lot of cream to make their hair flat. One of the 1930’s celebrity who had worn that hairstyles is Clark Gable. Another 1930s mens hairstyles were the bob hairstyles. You can say that the bob hairstyles had been introduced in the 1930s. Those bob hairstyles had the following look; the bangs, the tail and the sides had the same length and they had covered all the sides of the head in an equal way. The 1930’s also had introduced the backcombed  hairstyles. Those backcombed  hairstyles, men had slicked back the longer part of the hair using some kind of oil or cream. Those hairstyles had given the men a very classic and elegant look.. Also, in the 1930s era the wavy hairstyles and the curly hairstyles had been worn by men. Both of them had been very trendy and popular among the men back-then. Back-then, those hairstyles had very high volume look. The men had tried as possible as he could to keep the look of those hairstyles in order. The last hairstyles you can see on the 1930s, are the longer bangs hairstyles. Men in the 1930s had longer bangs with their short haircuts. So, you could see the bangs in the front part of the man’s head.. Back-then, men had the choice to slick the bangs back, side -part his hair or even combed back that longer part. All of the last mentioned hairstyles, were very trendy and popular hairstyles among the men in the 1930s. By those hairstyles, you can say that the 1930s had tended to give the men a very elegant, classy, glamorous and gentle look. Men had worn those hairstyles while going to any where; formal or casual events.. Another thing to say before going to the future, I mean to our present, which in the 1930s, men had worn the hats… The hats had been part of the men’s look in the 1930s and had added more elegance and gentleness to the man look.. Okay!!, we’ve finished and we’ve to come back in our present. Yuppie!!!!, we are back, even though we still seeing those hairstyles!, how come??!!.. We’re still seeing them because those 1930s hairstyles have been trendy till now. Many celebrities are wearing them on the red carpet, movies or in the TV interviews… You can also wear those hairstyles and still look very glamorous and elegant as those 1930s and those current celebrities. Just enjoy your classic and gentle look.

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