1920’s Hairstyles for Men

How did the men dress their hair back in the 1920s??. This question may have been asked by many men. So, just come with me to go back to the 1920s and try to answer it. The 1920s era had been known as the roaring twenties. The whole fashion and beauty process in the 1920s were divided into two parts: one in which the changes made in the fashion were very slow and in the other, the changes were done in a very rapid way. The 1920s hairstyles for men  tended to be very simple, but in the same way, they were very classy and fashionable. One of the trendy hairstyles for men back-then were the military hairstyles, as known, those hairstyles are for the very short haircuts which were one of the famous 1920s haircuts. This hairstyle was trendy then because of the World War I. On the other hand, not all the men had such a haircut, many men back-then had the medium haircuts. There were many 1920s hairstyles for medium hair which were simple and trendy hairstyles. The men back-then tended to have the smooth hairstyles and they got that hairstyle by using the gel or the hair cream. Thus, the hairstyles were created, had to be very suitable for that type of hair.

One of the most trendy hairstyles was the Slicked-back hairstyles. They were very simple hairstyles, to get those hairstyles, men left the top layers longer , combed back those layers and greased with tonic to provide very sophisticated look. Those Slicked-back hairstyles were very classic and men wore them in the formal dressy occasions. The side-parting hairstyles were very popular among the men in the 1920s era. This hairstyle looked on a simple way which is, the hair was swept apart with the use of hair products. This parting usually made at the center of the head, but also could be parted slightly off center. Tonic was used to keep the hair parting away from the face. The hair on the top and sides of the head were also plastered down with the use of tonic. Another trendy hairstyles were the Ocean Type waves hairstyles. This type of hairstyle was a slicked-down ripple hair effect. It was very popular style within the black communities in that era. The extensive use of the hair products helped to slick the hair down on the head while also creating a non-uniform wavy effect.

Lastly, there were some hairstyles just were worn by boys. Those hairstyle took the short look and this look was very common in the 1920’s era. Their hair was short on the back and on the sides of the head, with no specific styling. No hair products were used. Those were the most trendy 20s hairstyles for men. Another thing I’ve to mention that the men in the 1920’s era used to wear the hats and those hats add to the man look. Those hats suit the men’s formal and classic suits worn by them back-then. A man with a hat was considered a very descant man and very classy. In the same way, boys wore caps too, may be just to look like the older men and keep themselves appear in good looking way in front of the little girls, same as the older men who wore very well to get the attention of the ladies!!. At the end, as you can see that all the 1920’s men hairstyles are still trendy till now.Even the hats, they are being worn by some celebrity nowadays to add classy or trendy look to themselves. So, it’s easy to get the 1920s hairstyles for men as the fashion history is repeating itself by its makers.

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