18 Newborn Baby Photo-shoot Fails That Will Crack You Up

photoshoot fail 3

How hard can a photo shoot be? That’s what these parents thought before having the experience of doing so with their newborn babies. Although babies are adorable, they aren’t afraid to pee or poo anywhere, so these babies chose the worst timing to let it all out.

We put together this group of photos which show the reality of being a parent. Enjoy the priceless faces of these parents during the shock of the moment. Let us know if this looks familiar to you parents out there!

photoshoot fail245
Image Credit: Dslr Mom
Image Credit: Lauren Ashley Photography
Image Credit: Dalia Drulia Photography
photoshoot fail 2
Image Credit: Alisa Sue Photography
photoshoot fail 3
Image Credit: Peekaboo Photos
photoshoot fail
Image Credit: Kristy Grant
photoshoot fail4
Image Credit: Peekaboo Photos
photoshoot fail5
Image Credit: Memory Portraits by Gigi
photoshoot fail6
Image Credit: Abbie Rogers Photography
photoshoot fail12
Image Credit: Fima Photography
photoshoot fail14
Image Credit: A- Fotography
photoshoot fail17
Image Credit: Brown Road Photography
photoshoot fail19
Image Credit: SR Photography
photoshoot fail44
Image Credit: Dalia Drulia Photography
photoshoot fail77
Image Credit: Canon Manley
photoshoot fail78
Image Credit: James Schokman Photography

photoshoot fail111
Image Credit: Lindsey Huitink Photography

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