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18 Funny Signs from Dude with Sign

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You must have heard about the dude with sign. Or you’ve most probably seen one of his signs. He’s not a celebrity, and never intended to be one. But with the internet, everything is possible. One day, he was just a dude. Now, he is the dude with sign, the owner of one of the most popular Instagram accounts with 7.3 million Instagram followers. His name is Seth Phillips. And his motto is “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

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Credit: Dude with Sign

The beginning was a simple protest in October 2019. Seth Phillips and Elliot Tebele held a cardboard sign that said: “Stop replying-all to company-wide emails.” The sign was originally for Telebe Instagram account. Their second cardboard sign that said “Seinfeld is way better than Friends” was so popular that they realized they needed a special account for these protests. And, this is how Dude with Sign began.

Let’s see some of dude with sign’s funniest and most relatable signs:

#1 All the emails we shouldn’t receive

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#2 Patience. We all know you’ll have to sit down again.

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#3 I simply disagree

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#4 Oooops, here is a whole article

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#5 And I never thought someone actually listens

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#6 I think I just got Cinderella

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#7 Snow days, Lazy days, PlayStation days, etc.

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#8 Just get me out of here

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#9 Just eat your food

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#10 With all due respect

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#11 Don’t break the commercial break

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#12 All the time we could have saved

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#13 Just wash your hands

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#14 From all the couch potatoes out there

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#15 No more Zoom screenshots

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#16 We know you’re locked at home. Just like us.

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#17 We’re so bored. Please go away.

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#18 We can’t wait.

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Seth never expected to be treated as a celebrity.

“A lot of people will ask to take pictures with me or videos, which is still something to get used to. It’s a very strange feeling, but it also kind of cracks me up that people are seeing me as a famous person for holding up cardboard signs.”

Now, tell us which one of his signs can you relate to the most? I think he’s saying what many of us feel. If you want to see more of his ingenious signs, follow Seth Phillips on Instagram. And you’ll find his take on COVID-19, work, social media, and many other topics. Thank you so much, dude with sign for keeping us entertained. Keep posting. We can’t wait to see you hold your cardboard signs from the streets, again.

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