16 Easy and Budget-Friendly DIYs to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

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You love shopping, don’t you? We all do. Yet, there is nothing better than creating something yourself. It’s budget-friendly and fun. Plus, you’ll be wearing something unique. If you have some clothes that you don’t like or you’ve worn for so long that you’re not interested in wearing again, read along.

Nowadays, it’s easier to learn new skills and share your most amazing ideas with the world. You can learn from anyone even if you’re thousands and thousands of miles away. Today, we bring you our favorite picks from 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY and Pick a Trick. Tap into your creative side with the following Do It Yourself (DIY) hacks. Let’s get started.

#1 Turn a Shirt into a Dress

For this one, you will need a shirt, scissors, an elastic band, and some sewing skills. Turn the shirt inside out, cut the sleeves, add the elastic band near the waist and sew it into the shirt, and now you have a dress.

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#2 Create a Brand New Item from Two Old Ones

In this one, you will shorten any colored top you have with scissors and cut a small part of a white-colored blouse and then you sew them together to get a completely new item.

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#3 Transform an Ordinary Shirt into Something Faboulous

Turn the sleeves inside as indicated in the pictures below and cut both sides then sew the edges.

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#4 Give Your Shirt a New Look with a Hair Tie

This hack is so simple it will blow your mind. You need nothing except a hair tie and with it, tie the ends of your shirt.

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#5 Turn Men’s Shirts into Lovely Dresses without Sewing

You need nothing but a shirt that you button from the front and then put the front side to the back and use the sleeves to tie it close to your body. You bring the sleeves to back and then to the front and tie them in a knot.

Bonus Tip: You can sew some accessories (flowers) to the dress, if you like.

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#6 Make a Skirt without Sewing from Men’s Shirts

Put the shirt to your waist, button it by skipping a buttonhole to create skirt creases. Knot the sleeves and put them inside the shirt to create a pocket and here you go. Now, you have a fashionable skirt.

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#7 Turn Your Mundane T-shirt into a Colorful, Fashionable One

This one is quite easy. Start by cutting the sleeves off and then turn the t-shirt into a V-neck shape. Tie the straps on the back side and then immerse part of it in fabric dye to give some bright color to it, and you’re good to go.

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#8 Make a Colorful Bag from an Old T-shirt

Turn the T-Shirt inside out. Cut the sleeves off and turn its collar into a V-shape. Cut the bottom of it and use the strap to tie the lower part of the T-Shirt. Put the t-shirt back to its correct side. Color it if you like and now you have a colorful bag.

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#9 Use Bleach to Transform a T-shirt

Who would have thought you could use bleach to come up with something trendy? This is simple. Stick any shape you’d like to your t-shirt, like batman sign in this photo or anything you prefer. Spray bleach around the sticker. When you eventually remove the sticker, you’ll have a cool design.

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#10 Transform Your Jeans with Bleach

Create a star-shaped design and glue it to a bottle cap. Now immerse it in bleach and you have a star-shaped stamp that you can use on your jeans. If you don’t like stars, pick any other shape.

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#11 Make Your Sneakers More Trendy with Bleach

Do you think your sneakers are boring? Well, you could do something about it. Bring a pencil and immerse its eraser in bleach and create small little pale dots on your colored shoes. Here you go.

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#12 Create a Zebra on Your T-Shirt

Shorten the t-shirt and the sleeves. Cover the sleeves with scotch tape, so that when you color and then remove the scotch tape, you get stripes. Bring a zebra pattern or any pattern you like and use fabric paint to color the exposed areas of your t-shirt. Voila, a cute zebra.

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#13 Give Your Jacket a Makeover

If you can sew, then this one is for you. Sew some flowers, accessories, or whatever you like into your jacket. What you add to it will completely transform it.

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#14 Make a Bowknot Shape from your Blouse

Take the loose ends of your blouse and insert them in your belt loops in opposite directions. What you will get is this cute bowknot shape.

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#15 Transform your Jeans

Choose any pieces of clothes (preferably colored or patterned ones) and glue, iron, and sew them into your jeans, and you will simply be creating a new one.

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#16 Transform a Black T-shirt into a Colorful One

Draw on the back side. You can mimic this drawing here, color it, and cut the back side of the collar to fit the drawing pattern, and here you go. You can always come up with something original.

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If you have enjoyed reading this post, give us a thumb-up and let us know in the comments section if you’ve tried any of these budget-friendly DIYs. We believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look your best.

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