15 Tasty Oreo Cupcake Recipes

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The Oreo biscuit is almost as old as the United States, having first been produced in 1912. Now America’s most popular biscuit, it never ceases to amaze me the number of oh-so-delicious recipes there are which include Oreos in the ingredients. It also doesn’t help to have to write about them without wanting to go out and buy a packet, and then devour the lot! I can’t help thinking that these Oreo cupcakes could be the perfect solution to a continuing problem. Now you can eat a bit of cupcake while you are dunking your Oreo in your tea. In the past we have shown you images of edible delights, but often we haven’t gone to the lengths of telling you the key ingredients. Yes, they say you eat with your eyes, but it would be nice for your stomach to actually know what it was dealing with! Do check out all the cupcakes below where you will find links to full recipes for all these eye-catching creations.

Image Credits: The Cake Merchant
Image Credits: The Cake Merchant

These mint chocolate Oreo cupcakes were made with chips of mint Oreos in the cupcake butter, while Americolor Leafgreen food coloring was used to turn the frosting a matching color.

Image Credits: Blue Rooster Bake Shop & Eatery on the Square
Image Credits: Blue Rooster Bake Shop & Eatery on the Square

These are great cookie monster cupcakes which use a standard chocolate cupcake base, blue frosting, and of course, an Oreo. The eyes are made from marshmallow with chocolate chips in the middle.

The Cake Blog
Image Credits: The Cake Blog

These delicious mint Oreo cookies have a bit of a surprise element to them. The base is made of standard chocolate cupcake mix, but hidden in the bottom of the cupcake liner, before the mix is poured in, is a mint Oreo. The topping is made of icing with green food coloring and crushed Oreos.

Image Credits: Bakergirl
Image Credits: Bakergirl

These Oreo cupcakes are to die for, and oh-so-simple to make. The trick is to put a double filled Oreo in the bottom of the cupcake holder before adding the chocolate mix, while the topping is an Oreo embedded in whipped cream with crushed Oreos.

Java Cupcake
Image Credits: Java Cupcake

Now this recipe is definitely worth taking note of. Crushed peanut butter Oreos in the cupcake batter, crushed peanut butter Oreos on the peanut butter buttercream, and all topped off with a peanut butter Oreo.

Deliciously Sprinkled
Deliciously Sprinkled

Chocolate Oreo cupcakes with delicious vanilla and crushed Oreo cream on top.

Paint Chips And Frosting
Image Credits: Paint Chips And Frosting

A great Oreo cupcake with a double helping of Oreos. Hidden in the base under the rich chocolate cupcake mix is one Oreo, while the other is on top, nestling delicately in some marshmallow and cream frosting.

Lauren's Latest
Image Credits: Lauren’s Latest

If you like peanut butter, look no further. Once again a chocolate Oreo is hidden under the cupcake base. The topping is a delicious peanut butter cream topped with peanut butter and maple drizzle, all finished off with half a chocolate Oreo on top.

Your Cup of Cake
Image Credits: Your Cup of Cake

Wow! Now this is one serious cupcake – Oreos and the red velvet cupcake to be precise! The main ingredient is red velvet cake mix to make your cupcakes, while the buttercream and cheese vanilla frosting has crushed Oreo throughout. Don’t forget to add the signature Oreo on top at the end either!

Food Family & Finds
Image Credits: Food Family & Finds

One of our favourite Oreo cookie recipes, a red velvet cupcake is cut in half and a layer of marshmallow and cool whip spread inside. The top is hollowed out to take an Oreo Holiday Cookie which also has a matching red centre. Delicious!

Sunday Baking
Image Credits: Sunday Baking

Instantly recognisable as a Minnie Mouse cupcake, these strawberry milkshake cupcakes look adorable. Wilton red food coloring is recommended for the buttercream frosting, while you will need to find a small bow-tie mould for the white chocolate bow-tie additions. Don’t forget that rather than chocolate buttons you can use mini chocolate Oreos for the ears!

Crazy for Crust
Image Credits: Crazy for Crust

Once again this cupcake is a hit with a golden Oreo hidden in the bottom. As the recipe says: “Golden Oreos + Banana Cupcakes + Cream Cheese Frosting = the Perfect Cupcake Trifecta”!

Image Credits: Chocolate Therapy
Image Credits: Chocolate Therapy

A dreamy Oreo cupcake with half an Oreo (cream side up) in the bottom, chocolate cupcake on top, vanilla and crushed Oreo frosting and of course, because you just can’t have enough of Oreos, one more is added on top for good measure.

Recipe Snobs
Image Credits: Recipe Snobs

How many Oreos can you get in a cupcake? We lost count with this recipe as there is an Oreo at the bottom of the cupcake, crushed Oreos in the cupcake batter, half Oreos cream side up as the owl’s eyes, and probably some crushed Oreos in the chocolate frosting underneath them. What we do know is you can never get too many Oreos in a cupcake!

A Food Blog by Jennifer Pallian
Image Credits: A Food Blog by Jennifer Pallian

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