15 Great Dogs Doing Homework Photos

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Dog lovers, gather around. Dogs are lovely creatures. They are so loyal they would do anything for us. They are also always around. You cannot do anything on your own. You share your food with them. They watch football with you. And they can do homework, too. But we bet you don’t mind. Besides being so cute, it turns out dogs are really clever too. If you’re not so sure about that, read Cleo’s story, the dog that walked 57 miles to meet her family. Dogs have a powerful sense of smell that allows them to help police officers in their fight against crime, and unique skills that help them become outstanding service dogs.

Image Credit: ProfMAGeorge

Can dogs learn? It seems that they would love to learn. In this post, we share photos of dogs doing homework. Yes, that is correct. The internet can’t get more fun. Marie-Amelie George, a lecturer has asked her students to post photos of their dogs doing class work. She calls these photos an “under-appreciated photography genre.” Apparently, she is so fond of dogs and so are her students. Her popular tweet has more than 350k likes and here are the photos of those who responded to her tweet. Don’t these dogs look cute? They are definitely going places with their work ethic. Studying and reading are not just for people.

#1 This is the photo that started it all. This is what Marie-Amelie George posted to encourage her students to do the same (photos of dogs doing homework)

The Teacher
Image Credit: Marie-Amélie George

#2 Yeah, you never know. Some dogs prefer to stand on their notebooks to grasp information better.

Image Credit: alexaandbra

#3 And others prefer the comfort of the bed.

Billy Walters
Image Credit: Billy Walters

#4 Some dogs use colorful eyeglasses.

Diana Chavez
Image Credit: Diana Chávez

#5 I’m cute, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t work on improving my brain.

Image Credit: gabi

#6 Studying doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pose for a great photo to prove we’re working hard.

Image Credit: Jakob

#7 Yeah, it’s a great book and I need to finish it. So, leave me alone.

Image Credit: JustSev

#8 Nothing is better than falling asleep doing homework because that is what this cute dog is about to do.

Korinne Rose Tom
Image Credit: Korinne Rose Tom

#9 I’m halfway through. I deserve a gift.

Libby Adler
Image Credit: Libby Adler

#10 I don’t understand anything, but let’s just pretend I do.

Image Credit: Marcus

#11 If only laptops could be more paw-friendly.

Sara Egan
Image Credit: Sara Egan

#12 It’s time we read the newspaper and procrastinate before we start studying.

sunny ruan
Image Credit: sunny ruan

#13 One word at a time and you’ll get your degree.

the fifth
Image Credit: The Fifth

#14 If I pretend I’m studying no one will notice.

Image Credit: tracyciulla

#15 I think I can write one more page and then that’s it for homework.

Image Credit: Vieja.cu

Marie-Amelie George is a professor at law school, so the dogs are definitely racking their brains and trying to figure it all out. Whether they will eventually do remains a mystery as no one really knows what goes inside the mind of dogs. We never know. They might be way smarter than us. They are just pretending that they don’t have a clue. We hope you enjoyed the photos of these dogs hard at work. Let us know which photo is your favorite. If you enjoyed reading this post, give us the thumbs up, and if you want to read more about cute things dogs do, check this.

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