12-Year-Old Norwegian Girl set to Marry 37-Year-Old Man as a Child Bride

Girl set to Marry as a Child Bride 1


There is something very strange going on in Norway at the moment. At the root of it all is a cause the country, and two people in particular are highlighting, and very successfully Child marriages. At the center of what has become a fully-blown controversy are 12-year-old Thea and 37-year-old Geir. Currently Thea is contributing virtually daily to a blog in which she is detailing all the major events which are taking place in the lead up to her ‘big day’. However something doesn’t quite fit. In Norway, you have to be 18 to legally marry, so what exactly is going on?


We are told that we can, collectively, stop this wedding from taking place. It is up to the outside world to condemn what is about to happen. It is no coincidence that Saturday the 11th October is also the UN’s International Day for girls.


Every day, throughout the world, 39,000 young girls are robbed of their childhood by being forced into an arranged marriage. It is this fact the Norwegians want to highlight and bring to the world’s attention.


As Thea continues to blog about her forthcoming ‘nuptials’ she reveals such telling information that is intended to shock us all, to stop us, and to get us to make a difference. As her blog says: “To digitally attend in the wedding and support the campaign, you can show your support by donating your voice through the campaign site StopPbrylLupet and donate a Facebook or Twitter update who will be published on the wedding day.”



Thea’s blog site also states “We believe that provocation is a powerful tool in order to demonstrate a reality that truly is very provoking. We hope people will mobilize against child marriage by being girl sponsors, so that most of the 39,000 girls facing Thea’s situation every day can escape their brutal fate.”

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