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12 Funny Posts about the Impact of Coronavirus

Five, Four, Three, Two, One – Happy New Year

We meet every New Year with high expectations. The countdown starts and with it begins our dreams for the future. We fill our heads with New Year resolutions and plans. A new year is always a fresh start, an empty page that we hope to fill with happiness. The beginning of this year was not different. There is a list of new places that you want to visit. Another list for what you want to achieve. Weight loss plans. Why not? We create those lists every single year, so why not do the same with 2020? It’s a new year anyway. We had a lot of plans for 2020, but 2020 had different plans for us.

The beginning of the year was normal. There was news of something called the Coronavirus. What is it? No one cares. But then it spread fast and directly affected everyone on this planet. Life, as we know it, was disrupted. We all could have been doing so many different things, but life always surprises us. This year, we lead a different life, worry about different things, and buy items we never imaged we would consider buying. People took to Twitter to express their frustration with the virus and lament what life could have been. At Stylish Eve, we’ve compiled some of the funniest and most relatable “IfCovidNeverHappened” posts.

#1 A new fashion trend has emerged

Well, believe it or not, because of the virus, people have added a new item to their wardrobe: cloth masks.

Image Credit: Robyn

#2 2020 has special tan lines

We could have never imagined those tan lines were remotely possible.

2 1
Image Credit: Dan Gerous, Inc

#3 It’s all about acquiring new skills

People now have enough time to express all their questionable opinions and you have time to read them all.

Image Credit: Ganesha

#4 What day is it, again?

It’s one day to rule them all, and one day to replace them all.

Image Credit: Bulletproof

#5 The motto of 2020 is be grateful

This year is also about appreciating the little things. We never thought we would learn to appreciate this.

Image Credit: Peanut

#6 Well, Covid or no Covid, some things never change.

For some people, social distancing is simply a way of life.

Image Credit: Begreat

#7 The struggle is real.

It’s safe to say that all weight loss plans and all other plans are gone with the wind.

Image Credit: Bulletproof

#8 If there was no corona, I’d be in Paris, Rome, or etc.

Try not to fool anyone because this is probably where we would all be.

Image Credit: NormaGP

#9 Someone misses the good old days

Zoom is lovely but we prefer to meet in person. Someone here is also unhappy about Zoom meetings. Wait a minute, a year ago, Zoom meant something totally different.

Image Credit: JDK

#10 Toilet paper again

Well, it was the year when toilet paper mattered, the only item that truly mattered.

Image Credit: Sammy

#11 Surgical masks, cloth masks, N-95 masks?

At a simpler time, a mask had only one meaning.

Image Credit: Justinnn

#12 To all our weird photos

Image Credit: No Good at This

Without the coronavirus, we wouldn’t have photos of peoples putting on funny masks. In years to come, our photos won’t make any sense, just like this one.

In case you’re wondering about this last photo, beak masks were popular during the 17th century and people actually wore them thinking they were effective.

Doctors recommend wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. Despite the fear and the challenges, humor has been and still is our only weapon during this stressful time. The coronavirus has impacted everyone and we can fight it with humor if we have nothing else for now. If you want to read about the impact of the coronavirus on animals, you can enjoy the story of Big Poppa. Stay safe.

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