12 Adorable and Proud Dog Mommies Will Touch Your Heart

The Proudest of Proud Mums on Show 5

There is something rather wonderful about Mother Nature, and here we have 12 shining examples of what she can get up to. It is so wonderful to be able to look at a mother and her ‘children’ in a simple, uncluttered environment that simply has ‘love’ flowing through it from every direction. Isn’t it so lovely to be able to see the simplicity of caring for new-born lives without having to peer through piles of bottle warmers, nappies, talcum powder and a wardrobe fit for a prince or princess. You’d think it difficult to tell what a dog is thinking just by looking at it, but even the most hardened of us can’t fail to see the immense pride on the faces of these dogs – it is a sight to behold and one to touch the heart.

Golden delights with Golden Retrievers. Mom and dad on the left proudly looking on as their ten offspring tuck in to a tasty meal, giving mum a well-deserved rest from mealtimes a few weeks earlier! Then we have a new game, spot the puppy! We think thirteen is definitely a lucky number for one mother, or are there more? And then there is the loving mum who clearly has just given birth and is just relieved that everyone is safe and sound.




It would seem that Huskies, Malamutes and Akitas can adapt to any environment to bring up their young, from the frozen outdoors to the warmth of indoors. Adaptability also seems to stretch to one puppy’s turn to play ‘pillow’ today!





”Impressive stuff, huh?” Yes, we agree with this Welsh Corgi mother and her six gorgeous pups – these little ones look to be in very safe paws….


This one’s for all you Red Setter fans out there. Puppy count stopped at eighteen, yes eighteen, unless you see differently to us. Wow!


This is a great photo of a great mother with two great puppies, having a great long nap. Life’s just great when you are a Great Dane!


Spot the dog, or in this case, spot 13 of them, including a very proud Dalmatian mother. Isn’t life good when the kids are finally asleep and you can have a bit of ‘me time’?


We’re not 100% convinced but we think we have a Leonberger mum here, and we’re also not 100% sure if she has won the prize for the biggest family, but we reckon there are nineteen pups here!


You can’t help but be impressed with the look of calm and pride on the faces of these dogs, they are all so inspirational. But do remember, a puppy may be cute, but all puppies grow up eventually, and a dog is for life, not just for fun….

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