10 Stylish Ways a Woman can Wear a Man’s Shirt

Transforming mens shirts 1


Whether it was your boyfriend’s or your husband’s, we reckon at one time or another, you’ve worn one of their shirts. However we know you ladies are more inspirational and resourceful than men too. At Stylish Eve we’re confident that many of you will have worn a man’s shirt in a totally different way to normal. We have been aware of the Tumblr craze which started a couple of years ago #how to wear a men’s shirt and we love the tongue-in-cheek nature of the photos. However there is still the very practical side of it all. Yes, we have shown you how easy it is to transform a man’s shirt into a dress, but there are a load of other ways you can wear one. You can see the results achieved for Brit + Co when they asked fashion stylist, Misty Spinney, to create 10 great looks using the one blue check pattern shirt.



The strapless sundress is great as a top with a pair of shorts, or use a long-fitting shirt for the complete mini-dress look.


Accessorize the skinny jeans look with a smart belt and stylish shoes.


The classic casual look for a warm summer’s day.



Go back a couple of decades with this clever use of a shirt and suspenders.



Nothing beats the nautical look, even if you don’t live near the sea!



This look is perfected with the right belt and boots.


Put a skirt with a shirt and the transformation is remarkable when you add high-heeled shoes.



The Bohemian look never goes out of fashion…..


Add a splash of colour with some trendy jeans and you have a great casual look.

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