10 Quick and Easy DIY Smart Phone Projects [Video]

10 Quick and Easy DIY Cellphine Projects

Don’t you just love simple but clever ideas, ones that cost next to no money to complete, but which make you feel glad you made that extra bit of effort? We are great fans of videos that are short and to the point as we haven’t got all day to sit around twiddling our DIY thumbs while we watch someone create something we all know we will never find the time to do ourselves. This video is the exact opposite of that, and in just under 15 minutes you will learn to create 10 different crafts for transforming your smartphone. What we especially like about this series is that you can apply all these ideas to absolutely any smartphone you want, rather than trying to find a specific style or pattern to fit the phone you have. As for the savings you will make too, well most simple covers for smartphones start at around US$15.00, so you’ve already saved US$14.50 by the time you’ve made the colorful and practical one demonstrated here.

So what else have we got for you in this treasure trove of great DIY ideas for your cellphone? Well we just fell in love with the different suggestions ‘SarahBeautyCorner’ (her YouTube name) had for creating really personalized plastic phone cases. We were also very impressed with the water marbling technique she used for one of the cases as this is an identical method to the one used for creating nail art water marbling. Like many DIY projects there is often more than one benefit from what you do, and we thought adding the split color rings to liven up the headphone cable was a great idea. Not only did it look good but it also stopped the cable from becoming tangled – which we all know is a constant problem!

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