+10 Pets Copying Their Humans, Guaranteed to Make You Laugh!


“I think my dog might actually be a human trapped in a dog’s body” was what Liam Rice said before unknowingly starting a trend on twitter by sharing pictures of him and his adorable husky Luna copying his expressions.

People instantly started interacting with the now viral tweet, sharing pictures of themselves twinning with their own pets and the result is simply magnificent, you can’t help but smile scrolling through them!

Take a look and share with us your own ‘twinning’ pics!

1- Liam & Luna, the dynamic duo behind this trend!

1 1
Image Credit: Liam Rice


2- “Nap time!”

2 1
Image Credit: JAMSXD


3- “What do you mean you forgot my fish?”

3 2
Image Credit: Robert Neary


4- “Stop hugging me Human!”

Image Credit: JAMSXD


5- “Let’s see who does it best!”

5 1
Image Credit: Rickstarrr


6- “The vows said in sickness and in health!”

Image Credit: Dan Root


7- “You can’t sit with us”

Image Credit: Mike Brown


8- “Haters gonna hate”

Image Credit: Desiiah


9- “5 more minutes”

Image Credit: Arturas Kerelis


10- “Wassup!”

Image Credit: Kristian Johns


11- “This wasn’t my idea”

Image Credit: JAMSXD


12- “My human is better than yours!”

Image Credit: TheTashMahal


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