10 Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit This Summer

The most recommended to-visit beaches all over the world.

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There is no doubt that this world is full of beautiful scenery. However, these 10 beaches are breathtakingly wondrous and should be on top of your to-visit-list.

After a long winter, you are definitely longing for a warm morning, to be lightly sun-kissed, experience a refreshing air breeze, and a witness a beautiful view. Thus, you need to hit the beach.

However, don’t settle for ordinary when you can experience heaven on earth by visiting one of these beaches. These perfectly filtered spots are the choice of the world’s most famous travelers as their getaway destination. Serenity, peace, beauty, and luxury are what define these spectacular places and you shouldn’t miss such an experience.

1- Playa del Amor:

Image Credit: Puerto Vallarta

Playa Del Amor is located in Marietas Islands at the mouth of Banderas Bay, Mexico. It is also known as “Lovers’ Beach” and “Hidden Beach”. Playa Del Amor is highly ranked and recommended to visit as it is one of the world wonders for its strange nature. It is a gaping hole on the shore of a green island. This unique spot has allowed crystal water and sunshine to escape inside, creating a beach inside a cave. Unlike other beaches, it is hidden inside, making the only way of reaching it a water tunnel that links the beach to the Pacific Ocean. Tourists who aim at visiting the beach, arrive by swimming or kayaking.

Enjoy the beauty of this island and the Hidden Beach:

2- Anse Source d’Argent:

Seychelles La Digue Anse Source DArgent 5 984
Image Credit: Seychelles

Anse Source d’Argent is located in the Southwest of La Digue, Seychelles. This beach is considered the star of all beaches as many movies are screened there; such as Emanuelle, Crusoe, and Castaway, as well as the famous Bacardi adverts of the 1990s.

The beach is not only one of Seychelles’ most famous attractions, but also one of the world’s most visited spots. Thus, you need to pick the right time to visit it. Moreover, the beach is well-known for its clear crystal water, beautiful boulders, and white sand. This is the perfect spot for those who are fond of marine life as the shallow water allows visitors to enjoy swimming and snorkeling. For families, it is the ideal beach for their children as it is protected by coral reefs. You can enjoy a getaway full of activities and serenity at the same time if you choose Anse Source d’Argent.

You cannot resist this beauty:

3- One Foot Island:

Aroa Aitutaki One Foot Island Cook Islands
Image Credit: Funcage

One Foot Island Beach is located in Aitutaki, Cook Islands, Tekopua in Central-Southern Pacific Ocean. The beauty of these islands is recognizable from the air and it would be fair to say it is one of the most therapeutic sights in the world. What makes this beach stand out from the rest of the beaches is its beautiful coconut palms that complete the tropical atmosphere. The beach is characterized by its clear water and white sand. If you have ever imagined yourself in heaven, this is definitely way better than your imagination.

Just watch the video and pack your bag to the best destination:

4- Glass Beach, California

glass beach mackerricher park fort bragg california 1
Image Credit: Twistedsifter

Glass Beach is located in MacKerricher State Park, near the city of Fort Bragg in northern California. Due to the crashing of waves all over the decades, the glass has been smoothened and has taken a pebble-like shape. Imagine the sun rays’ shining through these pieces and the amazing colorful reflections produced by this fusion. Heavenly, isn’t it?

Know more about the secret behind the strange nature of the Glass Beach:

5- Pink Beach:

zamboanga pink sand beach 0
Image Credit: Sunstar

The Pink Sand Beach is located in the Great Santa Cruz Island in Zamboanga. National Geographic has listed it as one of the best beaches in the world. Its beautiful color is formed of billions of pieces of crushed red organ-pipe coral. These pieces are mixed with white sand giving an impression that the sand color is pink. The beauty of this beach lies not only in its pink sand but also in its clear turquoise water and various activities.

6- Blue Bay, Mauritius:

Public Beach Blue Bay Mauritius
Image Credit: Wikimedia Common

Blue Bay is located on the road to Mahebourg, in the Southeast of Mauritius. It is a piece of paradise as its water is crystal clear, the sand is white and soft, and it is rich in marine life. Therefore, it is your chance to enjoy life sensual delights.

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7- Shell Beach, Shark Bay, Western Australia:

9 shell beach western australia
Image Credit: Travel- All Women’s Talk

Shell Beach is located 45 kilometers Southeast of Denham in Shark Bay, on the coast of Western Australia. It is made up of tiny shells that go down to 10 meters deep. Its unique marine life urged the UNESCO to consider it a World Heritage Site. Accordingly, it has managed to attract many tourists in the past few years and you should be one of them.

8- Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

sugar beach a viceroy resort 29803293 1495184763 ImageGalleryLightboxLarge
Image Credit: Kuoni

Sugar Beach is located on the Caribbean west coast of St Lucia. Imagine being surrounded by a rainforest, tropical paradise, platinum sands, and the Piton mountains all in one place. If this isn’t paradise, we don’t know what is.

9- Fakistra:

Image Credit: Huffington Post

Fakistra Beach is located in Mt. Pelion region, just near the quaint mountain village of Tsagarada, Greece. It is the perfect destination for all serenity and tranquillity lovers. What characterizes the beach is the beautiful blue shades of the dazzling water. Moreover, it is not a beach and you won’t find beach chairs and umbrellas. Thus, it is only you and nature.

fakistra 1
Image Credit: Pure Wow

10- Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora 08
Image Credit: Architecture and Design

The island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia is literally paradise on earth. It is where the best beaches’ resorts exist. Thus, your chances for a getaway of relaxation, luxury, and peace are guaranteed in Bora Bora.

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