10 Kitchen Layouts

The design possibilities in the kitchen are almost endless; they depend on your desires and the layout of your room. To help you design your kitchen space in a practical yet decorative way, we brought to you different design ideas for different kitchen layouts; discover many irresistible kitchen designs for both large and small spaces. If you have a large L-shaped space, the kitchen can be perfectly installed in the horizontal part of the “L” to delineate the cooking area while keeping it open to the living room; a dining table can also make the link between the two spaces. If your kitchen has a long layout, you will be able to play with this length by setting your kitchen on one side of the room to get like a “huge worktop”, and on the facing side, you install storage cabinets to complete your kitchen. If you have a very large space, you can install, in the same area, a kitchen open to the living and dining room. To do this, install the majority of the kitchen furniture on one wall and then opt for a large island that serves as a worktop as well as a dining area; this way the kitchen is really considered as a living area.

Also, to create a kitchen that is open to the principal living area, know that the layout of a “right angle” works pretty well. Let one wall be dedicated to “cooking” by installing the stove, oven and storage space in it, while the other one is equipped with the worktop and the sink. A nice small table in the center can also add more harmony to this kitchen design. You can also benefit very well from a wall recess; if this one exists in your kitchen, don’t hesitate to install the majority of furniture in it to have a good space for storage while keeping the rest of the space as a cooking area. If your kitchen space is not large enough, know that a complete kitchen can be installed on only one wall that will be equipped with your necessary elements like the stove, sink and oven as well as few storage units, and then you can delineate the space with a bar which closes the kitchen and serves as a worktop. This way the kitchen will be compact, yet very practical. For small kitchen spaces, never forget to optimize the storage space by using the vertical surface to the maximum. Multiply high furniture that will take all your kitchen utensils to free the floor space for your comfort.

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