10 Ideas to Decorate the Wall Behind the Bed

Whether your bed has a headboard or not, the wall behind it has the importance of sublimating the bed itself. If you want to create a stylish & elegant look for your bed, here are 10 different ideas to decorate the wall behind the bed in chic ways for all bedroom styles. To set the tone of a room that is completely in white, you can simply bet on the wall behind the headboard. If you choose to paint it a feminine color like purple, for example, you’ll enhance the sleeping area and give it a charming ambience.

To highlight the wall behind the bed in a bedroom with very soft tones, you can bet on polka dots that will bring a more graphic touch to your bedroom. Stay in the same shades by opting for dot motifs in soft pastel colors. For a modern bedroom decoration, you can also opt for wallpaper to dress the wall behind your bed. Choose wallpaper motifs according to the bedroom style: Urban buildings, for example, in a very graphic black and white finish are a perfect motif choice for a contemporary bedroom ambience.

To stylize the bed and give the bedroom a very unique look, you can opt for a simple wallpaper sheet that you place in the center of the wall behind the headboard. You can then dare to use patterned wallpaper that would be too strong if it has been used on the whole wall. If you have the soul of an artist, do not hesitate to use your talents on the wall of the headboard. Paint and draw on the wall to create a decorative and very original effect. Play with different shades of the same color to make the wall look more discreet.

Due to your bedroom design, your bed is the center of the room and has no wall to lean the headboard against it? You can then create an artificial wall that will also enhance the bed by choosing a curtain that separates two spaces and creates an original wall. If your bedroom is fairly standard, you can give it a more original style by giving the headboard wall a certain effect: A concrete effect is undoubtedly a stylish modern touch for a trendy bedroom. Finally, to enhance the headboard wall of the kids’ bedroom, do not hesitate to bet on stickers in childish motifs that will make the kids’ room a fun conducive to reverie. You can install the stickers as a sideboard just above the bed of your child.

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