+10 Comic Strips That Hilariously Describe The Difference Between Having Your first And Second Child


Weng Chen, a Chinese comic artist living in Seattle and a mother of two, recently went viral on Facebook with her hilariously relatable comics about the difference between having your first and second child.

She made a series that any parent would be able to relate to.

Take a look at them and let us know what you think!

1- For example, the difference in the way your partner treats you

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Image Credit: Weng Chen


2- How to deal with pregnancy cravings

2 1


3- The amount of money you spend on toys

3 1


4- Your idea of what’s hygienic and what’s not

4. 1


5- Fevers aren’t a shock anymore

4 1


6- Back to school becomes your favorite thing to hear

5 1


7- The way your friends react to the news

6 1


8- Shopping for baby clothes

8 1


9- How you feel about TV

11 1


10- Reacting to your child’s achievements

12 1


11- Your idea of what’s okay to feed your child

13 1


12- Fun activities with your baby

14 1


13- Breastfeeding

15 1


14- Learning new parenting techniques

16 1


The comic artist also says on her website “I thought it was a cute comic but didn’t expect it to appeal to so many people. I truly hope people don’t treat their second kids as in the comic”

You can find her comics on Facebook or on her website, Messy Cow.

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